AirWave Wireless OTA & OTT Device

Posted: January 08, 2017
AirWave Wireless OTA & OTT Device
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Mohu first began catering to cable cutters with the Leaf, a paper-thin HD antenna that's black on one side, white on the other, and adheres close to invisibly to your wall or ceiling. In spring of 2017 they'll officially launch the AirWave, a wireless combo device geared more towards streaming systems, such as Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android, and iOS.

AirWave serves as both an over-the-air (OTA) antenna that grabs local networks and broadcasts and an over-the-top (OTT) conduit of streaming video content. It has a built-in TV tuner that communicates via WiFi to an AirWave app, installed on the device of your choice to retrieve and display channels. Since the AirWave is wireless, you'll also be able to position it where you get the best reception, not just where you get the best reception within the length of wire to the TV.

Mohu envisions AirWave providing consumers with "complete access to free live broadcast networks, which are available through an OTA antenna, and as well as the over-the-top video content they crave." The app will also include a cable-like program guide with program descriptions, favorite channel settings, and the ability to view up to 14 days of upcoming content.

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