AirFly Wireless Transmitter for Wireless Headphones

Posted: March 06, 2019
AirFly Wireless Transmitter for Wireless Headphones
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Twelve South developed their AirFly Wireless Transmitter with Apple AirPods in mind, but the Bluetooth adapter will work with any wireless headphones you want to connect into gym TVs, airline in-flight entertainment, and gaming systems, such as the Nintendo Switch.

The AirFly device has a headphone jack on one end - plug that into your desired media port - leading to a Bluetooth 4.1 transmitter box that will take on the task of connecting your wireless AirPods, earbuds, or sport headphones to the sound source. The idea and execution are pretty simple, and current users generally feel positive about AirFly's reliability in pairing to their devices, and maintaining the connection.

The AirFly has a battery life of 8+ hours, and recharges via USB (cable included).

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