01 InstruMMent Dimensioning Tool

Posted: August 08, 2017
Instrumments 01 Dimensioning Tool
$99.99 - $149.99
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The 01 InstruMMent dimensioning tool does for those who want an instant, hi-tech means of capturing and recording measurements what the Rollbe does for you looking to keep your tech low. An aluminum cylinder with your choice of a pen, pencil, or stylus at the tip, the 01 (say "Zero One") rolls across, around, and into the crevices of any object to calculate its dimensions.

Use one steady hand to guide the 01, and the other to hold your phone and watch its readings zip through Bluetooth to your screen. From there you'll be able to log, convert, and share measurements through the InstruMMents app. The 01 allows you to:

  • Find and log dimensions of essentially any object, straight or curved, and then view it in any metric or imperial unit of measurement.
  • Dimension space for furniture, hang pictures, set up a grid for posters, get a length of material needed for a project, and see whose belly distends the most after you and your friend Cornelius each eat a 10-pound Toblerone bar.
  • Scale drawings or maps.
  • Capture width, height, and depth automatically for fast dimensioning of boxes.
  • Use a Blink Interval features to set up grids, hang your stuff equidistant, and gauge rough dimensions without your phone on hand.
  • Take your measuring powers anywhere. The 01 InstruMMent is the size of a standard pen, pencil, or stylus, and functions as well as the one of those you select for its secondary use.

01 InstruMMent dimensioning tools have rechargeable batteries that last up to 6 months per charge. They're compatible with iOS 8.2 and up, or Android 4.4+.

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