FUNBRO Miniature Pocket Knife

Posted: October 21, 2023
FUNBRO Miniature Pocket Knife
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With its wee 1.63" length and mighty mite cutting capabilities, this miniature pocket knife looks fun, dude. So why the H-E-Double-Tanto-Blade is it called FUNBRO? Absolute hogwash. It should be the FUNDUDE Miniature Pocket Knife.

Or maybe I should just make my own teeny-tiny 26-gram folder and name it that. Don't worry, FUNBRO, mine won't be a complete copycat. I'll just borrow your stainless steel handle design, gear switch opening mechanism, inch-long utility blade...oh, and lanyard hole. And then I'll make it a totally unique piece of FUNDUDE merch by...are you ready?...notching out a bottle opener on the side. Mwah! EDC chef's kiss!

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