ForeverPen - Super Tiny Inkless Keychain Pen

Posted: April 02, 2021
ForeverPen - Super Tiny Inkless Keychain Pen
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Tiny, mighty, lasts all night, and whether upside down or underwater, is always ready to go. And that's just the tip - the silver tip - of the ForeverPen, a new super tiny inkless pen from World's Tiniest.

Measuring in at just 0.99" long, the ForeverPen is out to prove smaller is better, or at least endlessly more convenient when you want to add a writing instrument to your EDC. Inspired by the ancient drawing technique silverpoint, wherein scribes would drag a silver rod or wire across a surface to mark it, the ForeverPen is machined with a solid, hard-wearing silver composite tip. It's one that requires no ink and no replacement, but that World's Tiniest says you'll be able to use to write "anywhere and on anything."

The ForeverPen won't actually last forever, but it will probably last you forever, or at least for over 500 pens' worth of note-taking, napkin-drawing, and writing your name on public bathroom walls. The ForeverPen's wee tiny shaft is made of materials with even more longevity; it will come (heehee, but not really) in your choice of grade 5 titanium, grade 5 copper, or naval grade brass.

The ForeverPen is generating a lot of interest on Kickstarter, where you can pledge for a silver-tipped sketcher and scribbler through April 30, 2021.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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