First Minute Vest Wearable Survival Kit

Posted: January 18, 2022
First Minute Vest Wearable Survival Kit
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I'm dude enough to confess that I just panic bought two First Minute Vest wearable survival kits after reading an article my mama emailed me from Wired entitled How to Prepare for Climate Change's Most Immediate Impacts. One fire-resistant, waterproof vest for me, and one for my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power.

Oh! Shitballs and fireballs and earthquakes! I forgot my mama! Excuse me while I add a third First Minute Vest to my order.

The First Minute Vest packs 10 pieces of prepper gear into 7 unassuming pockets distributed across its front. In addition to the element-thwarting vest itself, whose zippers are also waterproof, the gear includes a 60-piece mini first aid kit, emergency whistle, personal water filter, sillcock key, 4GB USD ID card, 6" Israelie sterile bandage, NOAA hand crank radio / flashlight / charger, emergency blanket poncho, and earplugs. You'll also get a larger first aid kit with 81 supplies to keep at home or in your car.

Note too that even pockets loaded up with the 10 survival items above, the First Minute Vest weighs in at only 4 pounds, and is designed to pack down into a wee ball with a handle, inside its own hood.

The First Minute Vest has also tried to be thoughtful in its survival gear arrangement, organizing the water, whistle, and ID pockets such that you can use their contents hands-free. The black color of the vest is also deliberate, allowing wearers a better chance of looking "normal" and going unnoticed to those who might be desperate, and looking to steal other people's provisions in emergency situations.

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