Double Ring Pry Bar

Posted: October 10, 2022
Double Ring Pry Bar
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This Double Ring Pry Bar from Teale Designs looks awesome! Kind of like a smashed C&B, wherein the testicles have both shifted to one side under the weight of the steamroller, or your angry ex-girlfriend, or whatever happened to smash them, and...no? Don't see it? OK, nevermind.

Teale Designs designer LT makes a host of EDC gear out of a garage workshop in Virginia, purchasing all US-made parts, and doing all the smithing - from de-burring metal to machining to finishing - himself. This pry bar is made from 1/4" thick stainless steel plate, and features a tapered end for prying, scraping, and knife-edge-saving duties.

A pocket clip is attached to the end of the bar with stainless steel hardware, and a paracord lanyard dangles from the base. The double ring on the side of the pry bar allows for some variation in grip during carry and use, but mostly just looks cool.

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