Dissim Inverted Lighter

Posted: October 28, 2021
Dissim Inverted Lighter

The Dissim Inverted Lighter turns the flames of Hell upside down. OK, more like one little flame. And I guess it's not from Hell, it's from butane.

Dissim says the Inverted Lighter is the first of its kind, able to light a target the traditional straight up, long, and strong way, or while turned on its head. Inverted, the flame still licks upward so you don't have to contort your hand, or the thing you want to light, and risk burning yourself. Or lighting the wrong thing on fire.

Additional Dissim Inverted Lighter features include an adjustable flame height, and angled flame port, and a patent-pending circle grip that completes the piece's modern, minimalist, matte black look. Even if you don't know any smokers, the Dissim Inverted Lighter would be a great gift for a man who lights grills, firewood, fireworks, or candles. For his girlfriend, wife, or mama, of course. I don't like no stinkin' candles!

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