Waterproof Neoprene Car Seat Cover

Posted: May 23, 2016
Waterproof Neoprene Car Seat Cover
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Water from the pool. Sand from the beach. Mud from the hike. Sweat from the run. Grease from the Mickey D's french fries. Do you need more examples of the crud and stench your car seats must regularly fend off? Infina neoprene car seat covers provide a resilient, waterproof barrier between your vehicle's upholstery and that which lives to ruin it.

Infina Seat Covers are:

  • 100% waterproof.
  • 100% neoprene, so they will wick away sweat.
  • 100% slip-on and slip-off. They have no buckles or clips to secure--the weighty, form-fitting nature of the neoprene, plus a non-slip backing, enables them to slip over the headrest, and then mold naturally and securely to the shape of your seat.
  • 100% optional. Infina Seat Covers remove easily and roll up like sleeping bag on days you're not mountain biking or surfing, and would rather leave your leather visible.

Infina's seat covers are made of 3mm thick, machine-washable neoprene. They are intended to protect seats from sweat, dirt, water, and pets. Covers fit most vehicle makes and models.

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