Silent Pocket Privacy Protection Cases

Posted: November 12, 2016
Silent Pocket Privacy Protection Cases
$11.95 - $199.95
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There's alone time from your girlfriend. Peace and quite from your house full of kids. Solitude from the chaos and cacophony of daily life. But with all the unseeable signals encircling, identifying, tracking, and scanning you no matter where you go, there's not much true privacy anymore. Silent Pocket aims to give at least some of the privacy technology strips us of back with their line of identity- and data-protective leather sleeves, cases, and wallets.

While it's up to you to find your own special spot and surroundings for solace and quietude, Silent Pocket will make sure no one follows you there, or steals your credit card number while you're gone. Their Faraday cage sleeves, for example, nestle cell phones and tablets between outer layers of genuine Napa top grain leather, and inner layers of an RFID-secure web that can block all wireless signals, including cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, RFID, and NFC.

Silent Pocket sleeves contain 2 internal sides, one to thwart all signals to / from your devices, and the other to block RFID and NFC only. By inserting your phone, tablet, cards, passport, and Westworld host's head into the sleeve you'll be able to eliminate your presence from all trackers and scans, be they skimmers looking to steal your identity while you're traveling, or a paranoid wife trying to catch you getting it on with Dolores.

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