USB-Heated Mouse Pad Hand Warmer

Posted: November 05, 2019
USB Heated Mouse Pad Hand Warmer
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There's nothing worse than computing with cold hands! Except, perhaps, being unable to afford your home heating bill and feeling cold all over all winter long. Or being homeless and unsure whether you'll ever be able to get indoors away from temperatures freezing you to your very bones. Or being stuffed inside an actual freezer, because you're dead.

So. I guess there are few things worse than computing with cold hands. And, fortunately for the fortunate amongst us, that's a problem easily solved with a USB-heated mouse pad hand warmer like the furry mitt you see here. Plug the mouse pad into a laptop or desktop USB port and the heating element will automatically turn on.

The mouse pad has a slit in the front end for running mouse cords, and can obviously function with a wireless mouse as well. There is also a wrist support at the back end, so it's warm, cozy, and ergonomic for long mousing sessions at the office, or as a gift for your girlfriend on nights she stays up late pouring through the Instagram accounts of her favorite celebrities, celebrity trainers, and celebrity pets.

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