The Sledgehammer - Manual Hard Drive Crusher

Posted: February 01, 2014
The Sledgehammer - Manual Hard Drive Crusher
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Oh the satisfaction I would feel crushing ex-hard drives beneath the drill bit fist of Secured Engineered Machinery's Sledgehammer. It would be almost as gratifying as cruising by an ex-girlfriend who dumped me stranded with a flat or hearing her new boyfriend gave her herpes. Because my ex-hard drives nearly always achieve their ex status for the same reason as all other exes in my life: they're assholes.

They get old. They grow distant and stop performing. They get corrupted. Or infected. Or stupidly slow. Or I just find a new one that's better in every way. The problem is, old hard drives can be hardheaded and hard to get rid of. You can't just tell them to go away or throw them in the trash. You have to destroy them. This can be difficult, messy, expensive.

While the Sledgehammer isn't cheap, it does eliminate the difficulty and messiness from the hard drive annihilation process. Able to gut any PC or notebook hard drive from 0.65" to 1.65" in thickness, this manual crusher will deliver 6,000 pounds of force to eradicate all of your (backed up and transferred, right?) sensitive files and information in a quick 5-second cycle. The drill attacks each drive's chassis, causing "catastrophic trauma" before ravaging its internal platter.

Sledgehammer units need to be bolted to a table or work bench prior to use. Pre-drilled holes are included in their base.

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