Tap Strap Wearable Bluetooth Keyboard

Posted: July 10, 2016

I-'-D T-A-P T-H-A-T. I'd tap it on the coffee table, the kitchen counter, the passenger seat, the back of my bike....

Tap is a forthcoming one-handed wearable that connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device and turns your hand into a keyboard. Slide on the Tap Strap and you'll be able to type texts, Tweets, and emails, navigate computer screens, and control smart TVs with the tappity-tap of your fingers on any surface around you. Including yourself. And the back of your friend Cornelius' head. And the girl next to you on the airplane's...no, nevermind. Probably not that.

Tap creators says their technology is fast, accurate, and seamless in integration with all communication devices, including AR / VR programs in which typing on a keyboard or touchscreen is especially impractical or disruptive to the experience.

Tap Straps are a tech geek's knuckle dusters. They're soft, flexible, and packed with sensors to detect and relay movements as commands to the connected device. Straps contain holes for all 5 fingers, and can flip for wear on either hand. You can also use 2 Tap Straps together for full QWERTY-like typing.

Tap is currently in beta testing stages, and was released to select users in May 2016. The company hopes to have the straps available to everyone else in time for Santa Claus season.

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