Sketchcase - Whiteboard Skin for Laptops

Posted: January 18, 2020
Sketchcase - Whiteboard Skin for Laptops
$20.99 - $24.99
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Cat stickers and sloth skins for your laptop are great and all, but only with a Sketchcase whiteboard skin do you become the true master of your artistic expression domain. The laptop whiteboard adhesive functions just like a dry (or wet) erase board, so with a set of suitable markers, you can doodle and create any number of different cats and sloths for the world (i.e., the other campers in the coffee shop) to see. And then swap them out for sketches of Puffie the Mashed Potato Chow and Paningning the Back Flopping Shih Tzu the next day.

Sketchcases adhere to a variety of laptop lids, and are made from Avery materials for easy installation and long-term removability. The skins are fitted with "air egress technology" to preclude bubbles and wrinkles during application. The white surface is an anti-graffiti material, meaning it's resistant to ghosting and ink stains, and is covered in an 8H scratch-resistant coating.

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