Shred Cube Digital File Shredder

Posted: March 09, 2020
Shred Cube Digital File Shredder
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A first of its kind, the Shred Cube is a USB device that promises to go into your computer and cast out your unwanted digital files and documents for good. Using an attach file / folder feature, or the plain ol' drag-and-drop method, Shred Cube says it operates like the best of brain surgeons or exorcists, taking hold of cancerous and demonic files, pulling them and all data related to them out of your system, and destroying them for good.

Created by lawyer Nancie Williams and engineer Alex Stieb, the Shred Cube was born out of Williams' desire to dispose of old client files safely and permanently. She preferred a piece of hardware to file deletion software because the latter keep log files on completed actions, leaving open a door for security compromises. Shred Cube does its scrubbing quietly, anonymously, and with the flexibility of transferring it for use on any computer or laptop you own.

Shred Cube is a digital shredder Williams and Stieb say is even better than a paper shredder because it leaves "NO TRACE" of the file behind.

To use the Shred Cube, plug it into one of your computer's USB ports and choose the files you want to shred. Again, you can do this via drag-and-drop, or go with Shred Cube's attach feature. The device also has a scan feature to help you find all copies of the files you want to delete so you don't miss anything. If you want to recycle your entire computer, Shred Cube can perform a complete wipe to accomplish that too.

The Shred Cube weighs just 2.3 ounces and measures 2" cubed.

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