Samsung Space Monitor

Posted: January 07, 2019
Samsung Space Monitor
$399.99 - $499.99
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No, the Samsung Space Monitor will not send you a 24-hour live feed of our solar system's hot spots. But it will help cut the clutter, and clear up a lot more usable space on your desktop.

Samsung has designed its Space Monitor with a clamp and adjustable arm stand that push the 4.5"-thick screen flat against your wall, or at least in line with the edge of your desk, when not in use. The arm moves both forward / back and up / down to meet individual eye levels or preferred viewing angles.

Space Monitors come in 27" and 31.5" sizes, both with HD viewing. The 31.5" screen is 4K UHD (4x the pixels of full HD) while the 27" has WQHD resolution (1.7x the pixels of full HD). The screens' arm stands route their power/HDMI Y-cables in recessed channels for concealment and to prevent tangling.

At printing the Samsung Space Monitor was available for pre-order, with auto-shipment upon its scheduled February 23, 2019 release.

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