Penclic R2 Ergonomic Pen Mouse

Posted: March 20, 2017
Penclic R2 Ergonomic Pen Mouse
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The pen is mightier than the mouse. At least for those of you who prefer the wrap-and-grip of your hand on the former to the lay-and-cup of it on the latter. So too might you like Penclic's assimilation of pen and mouse into a pen-mouse that holds like an ink spouter but commands your cursor like a rolling plastic rodent. A more ergonomic and dynamic rolling plastic rodent, according to Penclic.

Encouraging natural finger and hand movements, the Penclic says it can ease forearm twisting and hand cramps, as well as counteract static tension that can build in the shoulders, neck, and arms during extended mouse use. (I can attest to the static-tension-building thing. I spend a lot of time mousing around with images, cutting and formatting them to fit certain parameters, and the entire right side of my upper body regularly feels hiked 2 or 3 inches higher than the my left.)

In action the Penclic has five operational buttons, a scroll wheel, and a laser sensor for "highly-precise" cursor control. It uses a wide base for swivel operation rather than rolling along a pad like a traditional mouse. The listing here is for a wireless rechargeable pen-mouse that is compatible with both Mac and PC platforms.

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