ODiN Aurora Projection Mouse

Posted: December 18, 2016
ODiN Aurora Projection Mouse
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The Celluon Virtual Keyboard gets a mouse playmate. A Norse God of War mouse playmate. The ODiN Aurora says it's the World's First Projection Mouse, meaning it beams a hi-res 8cm x 8cm box onto the area where you would normally place your boring, touchable plastic rodent mouse. With the ODiN you can scroll and control directly from your desk surface.

Despite ODiN's namesake, this mouse's goal is to make love, not war on your body. Removing the physical apparatus eliminates the curve your wrist and "claw" your hand must hold while using a traditional mouse. Even after hours of gaming and surfing, ODiN shouldn't take a toll on your wrist. The god of war mouse with frikkin' laser beams attached to its head is also pocket-sized for easy transport.

ODiN connects to computers via USB, and is compatible with Windows and Mac. It responds to pinch-to-zoom, two-finger scrolling, and gestures used on a computer-connected trackpad. It also looks pretty cool.

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