Neverending Story Cases

Posted: March 05, 2013
Neverending Story Cases
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Call my name! Bastian, please! Save us! Did anyone else have trouble deciphering what Bastian actually said when he screamed out the name he had chosen for the Childlike Empress? I must have watched The Neverending Story a hundred times as a kid and I never knew. Good thing I was a simple youth with low expectations; being clueless never ruined the effect for me. And all of the names in that movie were totally F'd anyway. I just figured it was some foreign nonsense like Atreyu or Falkor.

It was Moonchild, though. In case you forgot. Or are too young to remember The Neverending Story. In which case, get out of here! This Website contains adult content that is not suitable for anyone who can't tell me without pause which video game debuted in the Fred Savage cinematic hit, The Wizard.

Geekify Inc.'s Neverending Story leather and suede cases replicate the iconic storybook cover right down to their entwined serpentine talisman, Auryn. Each is handcrafted to fit eReaders including Kindle, Nook, Fire HD, Paperwhite, iPad, and iPad Mini.

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