netool Simple Network Analyzer

Posted: November 11, 2017
netool Simple Network Analyzer
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netool endeavors to do the big work of bulky network analyzers in a package small enough to put in a pouch made to hold pens. For both professionals and individuals looking to troubleshoot or get diagnostics on their connection, netool provides information on components such as ethernet ports, switch hostnames, switch IPs, DHCP addresses, and tagged and untagged VLAN (802.1q) ID.

netool is so easy to use that even a product manager could do it (I joke, I joke). Turn it on, connect to its internal WiFi access point, and use your iOS or Android device to launch the netool app. Once the tool detects network protocol and analyzes your ethernet port, it displays the information in simple list form on your screen. You can then use the netool interface to share the results via text, email, slack, or a netool.cloud remote share.

netool.io updates are delivered via an Over the Air Update system.

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