Netgear Nighthawk Wi-Fi Range Extender

Posted: January 21, 2015
Netgear Nighthawk Wi-Fi Range Extender
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It's bad enough I have to share a connection and bandwidth with my mama at all. But when she insists on having our router installed in her bedroom, at the farthest possible point away from my basement lair, because she's under the mistaken old person impression that if she holds it in her lap and cuddles it like a puppy dog, it will download her Hallmark Channel Original Movies (which I showed her how to pirate, by the way) faster, my life becomes one big buffering...buffering...still buffering hell. She won't sacrifice 50 feet, so I'm shafted with the shitty connection.

But ever the superstar, 'roided out player in the Wi-Fi game, NETGEAR has just released its Nighthawk, a Wi-Fi range extender for boosting an existing network's reach and speed up to 1900Mbps over 10,000 square feet. It delivers these keys to a gamer's heart with 11ac dual band Wi-Fi and 700mW high-powered amplifiers, plus a dual core 1GHz processor for stable and maximal performance. The aptly named Nighthawk sweeps in with its trio of antenna-ed wings to enhance any existing, standard Wi-Fi router. The device is ideal for households that do a lot of HD video streaming and gaming (as well as for bloggers who overuse cliched expressions and metaphors).

Additional Nighthawk Range Extender perks include:

  • 5 x Gigabit ports for connecting wired devices such as smart TVs and game consoles to Wi-Fi.
  • USB 3.0 for up to 10 times faster access to stored media.
  • DLNA server for playing media on TVs and game consoles.
  • Wi-Fi network optimization with a Wi-Fi Analytics app for Android.
  • Whole home Wi-Fi coverage for mobile devices.
  • iPad/iPhone printing capabilities - make any printer AirPrint compatible.

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