MelGeek Pixel LEGO-Compatible Keyboard

Posted: September 12, 2022
MelGeek Pixel LEGO-Compatible Keyboard
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Now here's a way to increase workplace productivity. Ha! The MelGeek Pixel LEGO-compatible keyboard is actually the perfect accessory to a new term and practice I heard about the other day: quiet quitting. It's the process by which overworked, underpaid, and under-rewarded employees whose primary function is to make rich executives richer don't quit their jobs per se, but reduce their efforts to the bare minimum and deliberately underperform, riding out their paychecks until they get fired.

And what better to assist with not working at work than a keyboard surrounded by a blank LEGO baseplate? It's a playground for patterns, personal designs, and 3D builds, with additional LEGO nods in the Pixel's bricked-out keycaps and indicators. The back of the board is also LEGO-ready for full customization.

Additional Pixel Keyboard features include hot-swappable keys, RGB lights, and wireless and wired modes. At printing, MelGeek was offering their LEGO-compatible keyboard at a 26% discount to those showing early bird interest - the Pixel hasn't started shipping yet, and will be available in limited quantities.

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