Lying Down Laptop Stand

Posted: January 03, 2015
Lying Down Laptop Stand
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This Japanese piece of brilliance, the Super Gorone Desk, is going to do wonders for the angles and positions from which I can watch porn in bed. And the lying down laptop stand looks like it adjusts for seated positions too, which will make it way easier for my mama to set down my freshly squeezed OJ and bowl of Cocoa Puffs mixed with Lucky Charms in a 3:2 ratio each morning.

Part portable mini desk, part mirror of contemporary society's inability to disconnect from our devices even while in bed, the Super Gorone's frame straps in a range of laptop models for supine screen viewing and keyboard use. It even has a built-in USB-powered fan to keep computers cool while in use. Adjustable jointed legs enable tilting and bending to fit nearly any desired position, including folded completely flat for easy transport.

The lying down laptop stand's dimensions max out at 23.6" x 16.1" x 1.6". It weighs 6.7 pounds, and can accommodate items weighing up to 132 pounds.

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