Lift Laptop Stand & Whiteboard

Posted: January 17, 2023
Lift Laptop Stand & Whiteboard
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Need a Lift to work? The Lift 2-in-1 laptop stand and whiteboard raises your laptop to a better ergonomic position for screen-staring, plus incorporates a dry erase board you can use to take notes and write reminders without clicking away to a new doc. It's no more neck strain meets no more interrupting the flow of the brilliance you're typing.

Or the entrancement of the TikTok you're scrolling, as it were.

Created by Fluid Stance, the Lift riser-whiteboard is made of steel, and features cable management cutouts on both sides to reduce cord clutter, and keep its minimalist look looking minimalist. Despite its designation as a whiteboard, the Lift also comes in black and slate colors, in addition to white.

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