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Posted: March 12, 2017
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The Hideez Key is your 9-gram knight in digital armor. The password storage and protection device uses Bluetooth (specifically RXP proximity profile of Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy communication protocol) to sense and connect to your paired devices, automatically unlocking them and filling in usernames and passwords for an array of online accounts when you're within range, and then auto-securing them again when you move out of the proximity. Equally appealing to me, the Hideez Key can sync with RFID receivers, and replace all the stupid fobs and remotes you're currently carrying around on your keychain and in the car.

At printing, Hideez Key apps were available for Android 4.4+ and Windows 8.1+, with Mac OS and iOS in testing stages. Together, the privacy guard and app provide the following features:

  • Smart Lock. Your paired devices lock and unlock based on your Hideez Key's proximity to them, measured by the strength of the Bluetooth signal from the key. In other words, pick up your phone, and it unlocks. Walk away, and none shall pass.
  • Password Vault. The Hideez Safe app is a digital vault of all your login information, kept physically separate from the devices that use it. You can activate automated password input scripts for most major sites and mobile apps, without adding plug-ins or going through extra setup.
  • Touch Guard. Catch your roommate / co-worker / wife in the act. You can set the Hideez Safe app to start taking snapshots of anyone who Fs with your device. Photo evidence begins collecting if your device's position changes while it's locked.
  • OTP Generator. Hideez can generate one-time passwords for two-factor authentication and online banking.
  • Theft Alarm. Receive a loud (90 dB) notification through the Hideez Key fob when the Bluetooth signal strength between it and your mobile device or computer falls below your custom-set level.
  • EyeVerify. You can choose to use eyeprint ID as your Hideez login, letting the Hideez app scan your irises for access.
  • Media Vault. Create encrypted photo galleries; encrypted video galleries are under development.

Also at printing, a Hideez Key 2 was also listed as close to completion. This next-gen key will be available in 3 forms: keychain fob; wristband; and pendant / clip. Click here to read more.

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