French Maid Desktop PC Case

Posted: February 04, 2012
French Maid Desktop PC Case
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Ok, guys, here's your mannequin. Now all you need is a couple of brassieres and the skills imparted by Gary and Wyatt to send you from single and living alone to Konichiwa, mon amour. I am at your service. This French Maid desktop PC case ships directly to American soil from the sweetly twisted minds of Japan. Hardware isn't included, but we figure users would much rather have a go at combining their mad intellectual prowess with their slightly raunchy imaginations, building and programming the Mini-ITX motherboard themselves.

Maids come draped in two versions of sexy: white stockings, black skirt, white lace trim and apron; or black stockings, black skirt, white satin apron and petticoat, white cuffs. Other technical specs for the motherboard: 3" x 3.5" hard disk and 1 slim-type CD drive (see photo for sample).

In Japanese, otaku means dual loves. Here, of computers and hot housekeepers. And if you are successful in defying the laws of electricity and reproduction, and end up creating a real girl, please let us know. We have a Top 5 list of tools we would love to see turned into steaming piles of shit.

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