Firewalla Purple Gigabit Firewall & Router with WiFi

Posted: February 03, 2022
Purple Gigabit Cyber Security Firewall & Router
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Firewalla Purple. It's a big name for a wee little firewall and router, but perhaps an appropriately big name for a cyber security device made to do big things. The Purple is a combined firewall and router made to serve and protect homes with gigabit internet connections. It also has built-in WiFi.

By name, the Firewalla Purple acts as a firewall, protecting devices from cyber attacks, safeguarding data, and monitoring / controlling your internet usage. It can also filter content (e.g., for parental control) and block ads, and function as a VPN server and VPN client.

The Purple's WiFi framework allows you to take it outside your home to use as a secure hotspot, or trusted LAN when connecting to public or shared WiFi networks. It also enables WiFi tethering in the home. For example, if there's a problem with your standard connection, or your network is down, the Firewalla Purple can temporarily switch your entire home network to your phone's hotspot.

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