ezOutlet - IP-Enabled Remote Reboot Switch

Posted: May 13, 2016
ezOutlet - IP-Enabled Remote Power Reboot Switch

Connect to to Pretty Fly for a WiFi. Connect. Connect! CONNECT!

Wamp, wamp. Time to restart the modem. That's all the way in the other room. In the back of the cabinet. And which button was it again? And where is that one, on the front? On the top? Gee, it sure is dark in...OW! That's gonna leave a goose egg.

Maybe your tales of WiFi troubleshooting don't go quite like this, but if you regularly have to reset your modem or router, and regularly find such a task to be a giant P in the A, have a gander at the ezOutlet.

The ezOutlet box connects via a LAN cable to your modem or router to monitor your internet connection and, if the network goes down, automatically power-cycles the connected device. Both an ezOutlet Android / iOS app and an internal password-enabled web interface also give you the power to reset your network remotely, or turn it on / off. In addition, you can set the ezOutlet to perform regular power on-off-resets at scheduled times.

The LAN monitor requires no port forwarding or domain names, and setup takes less than 5 minutes. Plug in the LAN cable, plug in the power cable, install the app, and follow the prompts to link it to your specific ezOutlet.

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