EXOvault Mouse

Posted: October 12, 2018
EXOvault Mouse
$305 - $600
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Think of the EXOvault Mouse as a functional piece of desktop art. Like, for real functional, and for real art. Not just some hunk of metal that's curvy and spinny and "functional" like a fidget toy is in giving you something to twiddle with. The EXOvault is a high-performance, wireless Bluetooth mouse designed to do all the mousy things you know and love, while looking like some sort of slick steampunk beetle rolling around your desk.

EXOvaults are precision machined from aerospace grade 6061 aluminum and hardwood. Guts are Omron switches for buttons and PixArt sensors for the scroll wheel and main movement tracking. EXOvault says it will "have brains equal to its beauty."

The EXOvault is a Kickstarter-funded project expected to start delivering in December 2018. So, unless you're a backer, don't expect to have it hand by Christmas. And maybe backers shouldn't hold their breath either, based on how crowdfunding typically goes.

Once available, the EXOvault Mouse will come in silver anodized and rosewood, black anodized and walnut, gold plated and rosewood, and rhodium plated and rosewood.

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