DriveSlide Hard Drive & Laptop Accessory Holder

Posted: August 26, 2020
DriveSlide Hard Drive & Laptop Accessory Holder
$20 - $25
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The DriveSlide laptop-mounted holder for hard drives and other accessories is another elegantly simple solution to a problem. Granted, it's a problem not all of us have, but for those who compute on the go, or use a laptop as their primary computer, attaching an external hard drive or hub to enhance its capabilities is routine. And, if you crave tidiness and order, an invitation for space-hogging and clutter. Through a minimalist slide-and-lock design DriveSlide creates a space to store laptop accessories off your work surface (or lap) and out of the way, directly on the back of your laptop's lid.

DriveSlide consists of 2 pieces, the laptop-mounted holder, or "Lock," and adhesive "Keys" that stick to your desired accessories. The outward lip of a Key slides into the inward lip of a Lock to create a secure hold, and easy storage space. DriveSlide Locks are about the size and thickness of a poker hand, and Keys 2" long x 2.25" wide x 0.28" thick.

Siblings Anna and Eli Jay are behind the DriveSlide design. Anna came up with it in a moment of disgust with the masses of lint embedded in the Velcro she saw covering the laptops and hard drives of laptops scattered around the camera department of a Netflix project she was working on. Eli, then a mechanical engineering student, was able to help visualize their solution, and its various iterations, in CAD, and run it through his school's 3D printer.

The Jays are seeking crowdfunding for their DriveSlide hard drive and laptop accessory holder on Kickstarter through September 3, 2020.

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