Destruct Hard Drive Data Eraser

Posted: December 19, 2019
Destruct Hard Drive Data Eraser
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Sometimes we clamor to get an external hard drive to protect our data, while other times we seek out a Destruct to erase it. Oh the dichotomies of life.

The Destruct is a simple and inexpensive hard drive data eraser from Lovell. Designed like a USB key, the Destruct promises to do for your PC what the factory reset process cannot: truly wipe your hard drive's data so that it cannot be recovered. For anyone looking to sell, recycle, or give an old computer as a gift to your mom, the data erasure process is a must to ensure no one can get ahold of your personal documents and files on the sly. And also to ensure your mama doesn't discover what kind of porn you like.

The Destruct deems itself a military-grade data eraser that does a deep reformatting of your local and external drives to achieve a complete system reset. While slightly more complicated than plug-and-play to use, Lovell says activating the Destruct is simple. And also irreversible, so be sure you're ready to slash and burn before selecting the disc you want to wipe clean.

The Destruct hard drive data eraser works with all Windows operating systems.

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