DeLorean External Hard Drive

Posted: May 21, 2013
DeLorean External Hard Drive

In discussing the Back to the Future DeLorean external hard drive with my friend Bartholomew, he raised a couple of fair questions: 1) 750 GB for $385?! What, is that an October 26, 1985 storage capacity and technology price point? 2) If we wait for a couple years after this time machine's release, will the BTTFII DeLorean come out with 2015-era terabytes for $39.95?

Under other circumstances I would have retorted that fashioning a data storage device in this nontraditional way might hide its true nature, and therefore provide a further layer of protection to the sensitive information it holds, but...I concede that it's about 1,000 times more likely that someone would want to steal my 1:18 scale model Michael J DeLorean with moving hood and gull wing doors than they would my passwords, financial records, and music & porn collections anyway. So I guess the costs just cover...what? Shut up, Bartholomew! Everyone does not already know that I'm poor, have bad taste, and pass protect everything with "Mama"! Wha...are you kidding me?! Air Supply is fantastic! ... I just saw Hall & Oates, and FYI they still have the voices of angels! ... What? ... No. No, that, that's not mine. That's...someone else must have put that video of the tribal women and the iguanas on there....

Own an iconic piece of American cinematic history with a high-speed, USB 2.0 connectivity twist in either Red Wheel ($385) or Train Wheel (comes on track; $340). Still wavering? Well check it in the photo: this DeLorean is Lorraine Baines McFly approved. Wonder if it made the Back to the Future encyclopedia.

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