Cryptex USB Flash Drive

Posted: December 20, 2014
Cryptex USB Flash Drive
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If Justin Nevins' Cryptex Security Boxes are out of your justifiable price range, Stanislav Tatarinov has another take on the Cryptex theme that might appeal to both your aesthetic and fiscal sensibilities: a Cryptex USB Flash Drive. His functional puzzles feature the now-iconic rotating Cryptex rings--these with numbers--along a cylinder. But instead of a guarding an empty interior container, these outer chambers slide off to reveal a 16GB memory stick when the correct code is entered.

Tatarinov engineered his Cryptex USB Flash Drive in accordance with Cryptex creator Leonardo DaVinci's original sketches. Each has a 5-digit code that must be spun and aligned correctly for access to the USB inside. The piece is made of metal, with a tarnished steampunk-y finish and a bounded leather loop for transport.

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