AirType Keyless Keyboard

Posted: June 09, 2014

First of all, kudos to the AirType marketing team for making one of the few product promo videos I have not had to fast-forward at least 3 times while watching. Anyone who wants a clever and brief rundown of this swell wearable tech, below-the-knuckle dusters that turn your hands into a keyless keyboard, check out the 67-second rundown above. Everyone else...keep on reading my drivel.

AirType is a pair of curved hard plastic cuffs that hook over the top of a tablet or smartphone owner's hands to provide the equivalent of a comfortable, full-size keyboard. TheFutureIsNow differences?

  1. AirType enables fingers to tap out docs, emails, and texts on any surface, or no surface at all.
  2. AirType learns individuals' unique finger movements to produce the letters they intend. It adapts to the way its users type, so no changes in previous typing habits are necessary.
  3. Backspace is obsolete. AirType includes an app that adds dynamic text prediction and correction to QWERTY escapades.

When not on active duty, AirType devices slip over tablets for storage and transport, so the keyless keyboard should be just as portable as the mobile device it serves.

AirType is still in production, but those interested in tracking its progress and owning the keyless keyboard in the future can register for updates here.

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