AIRTAME - Wireless HDMI Dongle

Posted: January 08, 2014
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AIRTAME believes that "everyone should be able to show any content from any computer on any screen - wirelessly." Given that last time I tried to hook up my laptop to my friend Cornelius' TV to show him a slideshow from my week at Ding Darling's Gator Wranglin' Ranch I tripped over the cable and fractured both pinky fingers trying to break my fall, I believe this too.

AIRTAME is a wireless dongle that plugs into your TV's HDMI port (or a projector / monitor) and then connects to a Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu computer via WiFi. Cable- and converter-free. Nothing to hook into your PC and nothing to drag across the floor, over the futon, around the lightsaber lamp.... Once the AIRTAME WiFi connection is established, you're live. Your TV screen becomes your computer screen, and the whole gang can watch movies, stream TV shows, display photos, and project the game everyone actually wants to see rather than the POS matchup the local affiliates are showing this week. In addition, any computer with the AIRTAME app can tap into any AIRTAME device (though, as with WiFi, password protection is an option), so friends who come over with media to share will have it up and running on your flat screen in seconds.

Making the AIRTAME even more dynamic are its extended desktop functionality and PC-to-PC sharing capabilities. With the former you will be able to drag and project windows you want displayed in macrocosm, but keep other information--notes if you're giving a presentation, your Facebook page if you experience sudden withdrawal when it goes away for more than a few minutes--pulled up on the screen in front of you. And to spread digital goods to multiple additional PCs, from the host computer simply select "Start Screen Sharing." Everything on the host screen will instantly display to anyone connected to the (again, optionally password-protected) local network.

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