AboveTEK Portable & Retractable Laptop Lap Desk

Posted: August 29, 2020
AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk
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The AboveTEK Laptop Desk has your awkward WFH situation, your right- and left-handedness, and your laptop churning at 120 degrees covered. In other words, the AboveTEK Laptop Desk has got your back lap.

The portable work surface features a retractable mouse pad that extends either to the right or left side, or stays parked in the middle, to accommodate righties, lefties, and people like me who use their laptop's trackpad for everything. The mouse pad adds another 7.375" x 6.125" of space to the lap desk's 14.125" x 9.875" center panel.

AboveTEK has covered the top of the desks' center surface with an anti-skid pad to grip your laptop, and the bottom with a double rubber strip for traction on those slippery mesh shorts and yoga pants you dudes and ladies have been living in for the past 6 months.

A heat-shielding liner on the desk prevents laptop overheating, as well as heat transfer from computer to body.

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