80s Apple Macintosh Computer Keycap Set

Posted: February 08, 2022
80s Apple Macintosh Computer Keycap
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I know you've been on the computer all day, and are sick of typing emails, and presentations, and explanations, and proposals, but...hello. In all lower-case cursive. Or maybe just a smiley face icon named Happy Mac, indicating all is well in the world, or at least in the portion of your keyboard where you've got an 80s Apple Macintosh Computer Keycap Set installed.

Handmade by Christina of CC cool Art, the keycaps are miniature replicas of the Mac Classic and its keyboard made to replace your standard mechanical keyboard's Escape and Tab keys. The set even comes with 4 decals depicting nostalgic images you might see on an Apple screen: the Happy Mac icon; the colorful Apple icon; a red heart; and a Tetris game.

Muchas danke to Technabob.

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