Transformers x Canon Optimus Prime EOS R5 Camera

Posted: August 11, 2022
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Thanks to Takara Tomy's Transformers x Canon EOS R5 Camera mashup, you can now use Optimus Prime to shoot people without consequence. They will probably even thank you for aiming the Autobot leader their way, though they may prefer you shoot them with their cell phone while they hold the little guy rather than having him take the photo.

Not much to say about the Optimus Prime EOS R5 Camera, mostly because I can't read Japanese, and Takara Tomy has all their copy about the Transformers x Canon collab uploaded as images, or some script outside the grasp of Google Translate. But you can look at the images and watch the video and see as well as I can that it's a functional Canon R5 that also happens to serve as the chest cavity of a transforming Optimus Prime.

Takara Tomy also has a limited edition rival for the Autobot, in the form of the Canon x Transformers Decepticon Refraktor (Reflector in English use) R5. Both cameras are, as you'd imagine, will be available only in Japan, with the Optimus Prime EOS R5 set to ship in January 2023.

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