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Posted: May 24, 2013
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The Soloshot base syncs with an armband users wear while surfing, skating, skiing, dirt biking, or walking like Kevin Spacey in that scene from The Usual Suspects where he makes the transformation from Virgil the Gimp to Keyser Soze, to follow the action and produce the effect of an unmanned automatic camera. Maintaining its focus on the armband, the Soloshot rotates as its target moves, and tracks at distances of up to 2,000 feet.

Soloshot eliminates the need to hire a cameraman or make your dumpy, unathletic friend stand on the sidelines gathering footage all day long in exchange for the honor of hanging out with you. Attached to its included tripod (5' tall at full extension), the system can pan up to 40 degrees per second and, based on field tests, follow an object moving over 140 mph. Like a race car or the Brazilian feast my friend Maurice projectile vomited up one night after too many sips from the bottomless communal bowls of flaming Tiki rum drinks at karaoke.

Soloshot includes a locking access point for attaching cameras to the base, as well as means of locking the tripod to stationary objects so no one will steal your shit while you're out catching the wave of the century. It supports any camera or camcorder weighing up to 5 pounds.

The armband transmitter is guaranteed durable and waterproof in both salt and freshwater, and includes an internal rechargeable battery with a 5+ hour usable life per charge.

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