Posted: February 08, 2017
$12 - $25
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Yogis, all those down dogs and forward folds are about to pay off in real life. SelfieFeet is a smartphone attachment for your shoe that pairs with a remote Bluetooth fob to turn your leg and foot into an ever-present selfie stick. That's right, clip it on, flex your quad, heave that Cirque du Soleil hamstring up high...and try to snap a smile / smirk / duck face before you pull something and ruin the photo op with open-mouthed howl of pain.

SelfieFeet creators Quin Media Group developed the shoe shutter in an effort to make selfie taking hands-free without adding a bunch of additional gear to lug around. They also noticed that some places, such as restaurants, bars, and museums, have now banned selfie sticks, and see SelfieFeet as an alternative. (Suggestion: Before toe loading and high kicking, you might want to check if these places have actually banned photographs altogether.)

For those wondering if SelfieFeet use will result in a kneecap, or bountiful bush of leg hair, photo bombing every pic, Quin Media assures us straightening out your foot a little will drop unwanted body parts out of the frame. That said, you can also attach the device to a bottle, drink can, or any magnetic surface to set up and snap your shot.

SelfieFeet is running a Kickstarting campaign through March 10, 2017. Click here to pledge for yours.

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