Pocketcopter - World's Smallest Flying Camera

Posted: September 19, 2014
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One way to take rad photos at unique angles is to climb on furniture and scale trees and hang from power lines. That's what Thomas, Mike, and Ricardo used to do. Until they broke one too many lamps and bones, at which point they developed the Pocketcopter. Essentially a flying pen with a 3D HD camera attached to it, the Pocketcopter is smartphone-controlled to capture the images you want from the angles you (maybe) know better than to access in person.

Pocketcopters look like tiny helicopters and can fly to heights of up to 30 feet as they record HD photos and videos from all possible perspectives. Less expensive and more portable than Phantom quadcopters, the Pocketcopter could easily serve as both your everyday and drunken night drone. Or just a plain old camera. For photo ops that don't require flight, the Pocketcopter's rotors fold in to facilitate handheld use or attachment to a helmet.

The Pocketcopter itself is powered by a 12V battery (rechargeable or replaceable) and controlled through WiFi or Bluetooth with a smartphone touch screen. During flight the copter's rotor arms, fixed one above the other, spin in opposite directions to establish camera stability and ensure quiet recordings. (If the smartphone connection is lost, it will automatically float slowly back to the ground.)

Pocketcopter software interfaces will allow instant sharing of recorded photos and videos (Micro SD card) on social networks.

At printing, the Pocketcopter was wrapping up its IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. Become a backer over the next few hours to get yours at an introductory price of around $115 (89 Euros).

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