Phantom Quadcopter with GoPro Mount

Posted: July 21, 2013
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So I guess laborers can take a modicum of comfort in knowing that white collar jobs are beginning to get outsourced to robots as well. Unmanned aerial systems pioneer DJI Innovations fabricates a host of flightful fancies for industrial system, RC entertainment, and professional photography applications, and with their Phantom UAV Drone Quadcopter with integrated GoPro camera mount, professional photographers may soon find themselves usurped. With the robot doing the work of the trained professional, now you, I, any asshole off the street who can be entrusted with a remote control and a thousand dollars worth of equipment can take National Geographic-quality photos and shoot cinematic masterpieces on par with Brokeback Mountain. Wait, no, I meant Braveheart. On par with Braveheart!

A high-tech, high-def, and highly dependable recording drone, the Phantom can assist with a host of practical applications, such as real estate scouting and image capture, reconnaissance missions, terrain/safe passage intel during outdoor adventures, and search & rescue operations. But I'd obviously use mine for flying upstairs to the kitchen to see what my mama's cooking for dinner. I'd also navigate it to the bar down the street to help determine if it's worth shaving, getting dressed, and Sex Panthering up to go out on Saturday night, or if I shouldn't bother because I'll see way more smokin' hot girls on the WB than I would semi-decent-looking ones in real life anyway.

From box to buzzing through the sky, the Phantom Quadcopter requires only as much time as it takes to charge its LiPo battery. No assembly or complex instruction-reading required. And although the camera mount was designed for a GoPro, it will accept any light still/video recording device with the pixel power to shoot from the air.

Phantom pilots will enjoy the quad chopper's integrated flight dynamics system, Naza-M + GPS multi-rotor autopilot system (including Intelligent Orientation Control, failsafe funtionality, and auto go home/landing), plus a dedicated remote controller and receiver. Flight parameters and functions are established during production, so there's no delay in takeoff after delivery.

November 2013 Update: DJI's next-level Phantom, the Phantom Vision has just hit the shelves. Similar to the original, the Vision is a Quadcopter with camera capabilities, but it sweetens the existing pot by becoming the first consumer UAV with an integrated 14 megapixel, 1080p HD camera and iOS camera control. Boom! It's robots usurping robots now, baby. Check out the Vision on Amazon.

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