Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Posted: January 16, 2013
Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner
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Strapping young buck that I am, I had to look up what 35mm film is when I heard all the ruckus about this Lomography Film Scanner that transfers photos from 35mm negatives to smartphones. Apparently 35mm film is an ancient medium for recording pictures that people much, much older than I may still have lying around their house. And unlike other back-lit photo scanners, Lomography's device allows for inputting, editing, sharing, and printing this film stuff directly to/from any iPhone and many Android smartphones.

Those shots from your 21st birthday or teenage fat years you thought could never go viral because you so thankfully just missed the digital revolution? Haha, suckers, Lomography says, think again.

Fine, that's what I say. Lomography focuses on the faithful service Smartphone Film Scanners provide to those with non-evil intentions. Old photos of grandparents, parents, children, holidays, family reunions--anything on a 35mm strip of translucent brown film is a candidate for easy transferral to a mobile device. To use, install the (included) Lomoscanner App and slide a smartphone into the Scanner's bracket. Turn on the Scanner's back-light, insert film, use the App to snap a photo with the phone's camera, and fini. A digital version of the film content has been created for archiving, emailing, social media posting, or printing. The Lomoscanner App will ultimately also allow users to stitch together scans into seamless panoramas and animate 35mm analogue movies shot using the Lomography LomoKino camera.

Though running as a Kickstarter project through February 4, 2013, enthusiastic backer support has already deemed the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner a go. Early birds can get their hands on one for a $50 pledge, though a limited number are available at this level, and the price increases to $60 once capacity is reached. Higher pledges come with additional Lomography goodies, namely various types of company-made 35mm cameras. Anticipated Scanner delivery date is March 2013.

A company of analog photography enthusiasts known for developing their own cameras, films, and accessories, Lomography has been in business for 20 years now. Solid track record = good news for those concerned about supporting a(nother) potentially defunct Kickstarter campaign.

November 2013 Update: the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is now available for direct purchase through the company's website--follow the link below.

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