GoVision HD Video Camera Sunglasses

Posted: February 01, 2018
GoVision HD Video Recording Sunglasses
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When you conquer ski jumps and skeleton runs like a Winter Olympian GoVision's Pro S full HD video camera sunglasses will record the perspective footage to prove it, hands-free, and with a single touch.

Above GoVision's polarized, UV400 lenses lies an embedded camera able to shoot HD video at 1440*1080 at 30fps, or take 15MP still photos. The camera also has auto focus and auto light adjustment features to accommodate the speeds, angles, and conditions you might encounter.

The sunglasses record video in MOV format compatible with Windows or MacOS, and easily shared on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. In addition to the Pro S series of recording sunglasses, GoVision has shades with built-in speakers in addition to the camera, and models that are water-resistant for subsurface recording.

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