Belfie Butt Selfie Stick

Posted: January 11, 2015
Belfie Butt Selfie Stick

If you (ladies) are going to take inordinate numbers of photos of your own self, you (ladies) may as well take them of the parts of your body I most enjoy looking at. The Belfie is a forthcoming butt selfie stick. Designed and calibrated for capturing ass shots with both perfection and ease, the Belfie takes the selfie stick one step, and up to 180 degrees, further with its bendable arm and Bluetooth shutter. Capture your perfectly taut and rounded apple bottom from any angle and with no mirror necessary.

Bring on the bachelorette back sides and Kim K nudie replicas!

Note: Belfie use is not intended for males, females over the age of 40 (unless pre-approved), or anyone who needs an extender rod to get her entire ass in the Belfie photo frame.

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