2C3D Tactile Camera for the Blind

Posted: February 27, 2018

2C3D is a concept tactile camera created for the blind community. Or, as the unfortunate translation on the 2C3D webpage says, it's "a camera that enables the blinds to see."

Industrial designer Oren Geva built the 2C3D, sort of ingeniously, as a cross between a point-and-shoot camera and a pin art toy. When the lens captures an image, it presses the image's general shape into the camera's 3D pixels to make a "touch screen" for the blind or visually impaired person holding it.

The 2C3D can form tactile interpretations of both still photos and video, and users can feel what the camera is seeing in real time, or click to record the image / video and call up the 3D file again later.

Geva gives no indication of when or if the 2C3D camera will go into production, but if you're impressed with her design for the blind, you may also be interested in the Bradley Tactile Watch, an equally cool - and purchasable - touch-based piece for those with vision problems.

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