Butt Be Dry Portable Waterproof Seat

Posted: October 17, 2022
Butt Be Dry Portable Waterproof Seat
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Nothin' like sittin' on a wet stadium seat, picnic bench, or muddy slab of ground. Especially when the wetness really starts permeating your skin and making your butt itchy. Numb and itchy if it's cold out! And now here comes the Butt Be Dry to ruin all the fun.

A real wet dry blanket, the Butt Be Dry is a portable waterproof seat you can roll up and clip around your waist, or stuff inside a pack, to keep on hand when rain or snow, or maybe just a gross couch covered in spilled beer and salsa, threaten to ruin your ability sit down.

The Butt Be Dry wears like a fanny pack (hey, they're coming back! And not just for Dad!) and comes in a handful of colors. Including camo, so no one will be able to see you have it on if you don't believe me about fanny pack fashion. Its 3 layers of protection have been tested for water impermeability via soaking in liquid polyurethane for 48+ hours, and presumably they passed the test. Butt Be Dry seats are also machine washable for those who end up in the mud or beer-salsa couch situation.

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