Bouncy Bands for Middle & High School Chairs

Posted: January 05, 2023
Bouncy Bands for Middle & High School Chairs
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Bouncy Bands join bounce houses, bouncing balls, and bouncing from family get-togethers in the bouncing stages of childhood development. Made for middle and high school chairs, Bouncy Bands give fidgety kids a safe and non-disruptive way to channel their excess energy or anxiety, with the hope of increasing their ability to stay on task during class.

Bouncy Bands claim to enhance focus by about 9.9% per day, or the equivalent of 35 minutes.

Bouncy Band ends slide under the two front legs of middle / high school chairs ranging from 17" to 24" wide. Their 17" band is made of thick rubber that can support one- or two-leg bouncing from the students using them.

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