Bosuns Nautical Whistle Brass Keychain

Posted: September 24, 2018
Bosuns Nautical Whistle Brass Keychain
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Well, if you're looking to Captain von Trapp your children you will definitely need a Bosuns Whistle keychain. If not, maybe you'll just like this little nautical trinket as a shiny - 100% brass shiny! - new piece of EDC that happens to double as a whistle designed to be loud and high pitched enough to hear over the crashing waves of the sea.

Why, hello there exposed ear of my passed out friend Cornelius.

Bosuns Whistle seller Armory Replicas really puts it best when they say, "Never be ignored again with our Bosuns Nautical Whistle Brass Keychain!"

The keychain has a swivel brass chain that dangles the Bosuns Whistle and a screw lock carabiner for your keys.

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