Trufflin Sriracha & Ranch VIP Set

Posted: November 08, 2020
Trufflin Sriracha & Ranch VIP Set
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The Trufflin Sriracha & Ranch duo are a hot sauce and dressing infused with black truffle, and dubbed the "VIP Set." Because while Trufflin sauce itself may not be the boss - certainly not by Sweet Baby Ray's trademark rights, anyway - any recipient of this luxe food gift has got to be a VIP boss, since there's no way I'd spend $50 on 2 bottles of condiments for anyone I wasn't trying to impress, suck up to, or get something in return from.

One of Oprah's Favorite Things for 2020 the Trufflin Sriracha & Ranch VIP Set slides a bottle of rooster sauce and a bottle of America sauce into a sexy black display box ready for wrapping. The Trufflin Sriracha blends fermented chili peppers, savory spices, an outlier, hibiscus, and cold pressed olive oil into sauce "just hot enough to awaken your palate" so you don't lose the umami truffle surprise on top. Trufflin Ranch is mixed with "optimal thickness in mind" for use as both dressing and dipping sauce.

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